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Ideal Realism (IR) is the only true monism, idealism, realism and anarchism.

The Investigation

The investigation does not consist of arguments, or even statements. It consists of premises that form an ever denser correspondence matrix of emerging hypothetical and categorical generalizations of ground and frame at the self-evident conclusion that there is no valid evidence, even inference, testimony or memory, that reality is anything other than symbolic experience (idea) specifically without someone who does or has the experience.

⇒there is no idea that validly refers to anything other than idea
⇒every reality without exception is idea or thought, and cannot act

Idea is Categorical Substance

True monism TM is ideal realism IR or extreme substance monism, and the issue of one substance is itself categorical. There is one most general category that everything is, namely idea, thought or narrative. The correct meaning of ideal realism is that ideas are reality. It is not the usual claim of substance monism that everything can be explained in terms of one substance as if that one substance has or is mind that can think and act to do the explaining, which is the logical error of idea-eXistence dualism (X)

TM, in other words, IR, is the realization that all things (reality) ARE fundamentally one CATEGORICAL or SYMBOLIC substance as involuntary realization, namely the idea, "involuntarily realizing potential-sensation as idea, thought or narrative."

Virtual Reality is Absolute and Complete

It is the theory that everything that realizes is like virtual reality, but without someone or something producing it, for instance someone who thinks or acts or a program/machine running it. That also means that experience is itself reality, without someone who experiences it. In other words we, as persons, in the finest detail or coarsest generalization, are realization as experience ourselves, and therefore cannot act. Experience in that sense is not virtual in reference or relation to another (objective) real world, which produces it, or has it, but is literally the world or reality itself, as narrative consisting of sensation.

The presumption of a referent framework of retributive agency or action is the corruption of that narrative matrix, not as virtual reality, which would be the case if there were such a supernarrative referent world, but as the corruption of reality itself. And it includes us.

The Fallacy of Agency is the Meta Bigotry

The fallacy that volitional agency or action is the framework of reality is the bigotry by which reality, namely ideal narrative, is utterly distorted. That error is the corruption and confusion of the idea that subjectivity, subjectification, or non-reality, in global variety, is the sacredly mystical knowledge of shaman-like leadership. It is not leadership. It is the self-fulfilling confusion, violence and collapse as authoritarian, rhetorical and narrative denial in the cyclical claim that people (the masses) are the problem, or that persons are good and evil, good or evildoers and good or bad actors.

The error that ideas or narrative (we and other personified agentive entities) are agency or action, or can coherently refer to agency or action, is the base narrative paradox and distortion that is the confusion and mayhem of normal constitutional narrative...

The Professions are the Mayhem of X

The mayhem _ X is the normal constitutional dualism of

  1. the redundancy and chronic contradiction that is the ideal object agency or agent
  2. the incoherent shaman-authoritarian opportunism of professions as the sacralization of white lies and confusion
  • economic exploitation
  • religious demonization
  • political rhetoric
  • psychological denial
  • just punishment
  • defensive slaughter
  • conservationist utility