Conscious Recursive Dynamic

This is the post of starting to more precisely express how identity constitutes pathological civilization when it is individual first, instead of noospherical. In other words the aggregation of  reality by personal identities is noopathic. Relentless demand hammering on personal identity in ritualistic constitution of aggregate health is noopathic. It is putting the cart before the horse.

Conscious resolution must be global. The most salient standing question is how the recursive loop of consciousness and action is not capable of controlling behavior, and not capable of decision-making in terms of the illusory sensation of individual volition.

If the future is unpredictable, due to infinite lines of causality, in other words if existential mechanics is infinitely resolved, then consciousness cannot know what the future will be. Then infinitely resolved recursive consciousness must know healthy existential condition by being allegorical expression of the relevant resolution of existentially significant constitution of existence. Consciousness must approach existence diagnostically at that level—and that level is the GLOBAL level.

Existential sustainability is only possible when symbolic-rational consciousness exists detecting pathological condition by exposing pathological ideas in terms of dynamic existence (recursive impact) inside global resolution, in other words, inside the noosphere and biosphere.

The thing now in vogue is endless babble in chronic reestablishment of everyone’s superficial self-identity centered, world-destructive bullshit. Individualism as it exists in practice as liberated individual agencies of control (in antithesis of central control) is not atomistic. It is precisely THE centralized ideology of control, namely the anti-existential existentialist hegemony of individual responsibility and guilt.

Criminality emerges so extensively in recursive pounding by the normal culture of guilt, it is simply idiotic to claim that any crime is free from that monkey-like curricular pathology.

Someone asked me last night how I will know through the fog of this investigation’s own relentless hammering to uproot and expose the bullshit, when it is fully coherent and is the answer. I will know by knowing that everyone else knows. And one day when I am half-senile I will read about it as the history of the rise of sanity.

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