The Symbol Defectated Brain

When Lear cries, ‘Is there any cause in nature that makes these hard hearts?’, we could reply, on one level, yes — a defect in the right prefrontal cortex. That just illuminates the fact that cruelty does not exist in ‘nature’: only in humans with their prefrontal cortex have the capacity for deliberate malice. But then only humans, with their right prefrontal cortex, are capable of compassion.

Iain McGilchrist, p.86: The Master and His Emissary.

It is nonsense that there is no malice in animals. It is also nonsense that human malice is deliberate. There is no homuncular control of human malice and human compassion. There is mythological deliberation by markets, in other words, there is natural selection of the endless proliferation of bullshit. It is a conflagrant storm of anger and compassion. There is no choice. The story that there is deliberate choice is the weak link in the pathology of deliberated malice, and it spins out the most deliberated, phony, substitute response known as empathy (in its current form). Theory of mind as it now exists is an acute disease of mirror neurons. The healing of this potentially fatal disease will happen by annihilation of the fallacy of choice.

Healthy empathy is the realization that consciousness is not individual, but noospherical. There simply cannot be healthy empathy while the myth of individual volition and choice persists. Empathy in the currently noopathic consciousness is pathological.

To repeat the usual. There is the concern that if “I” have no free will and choice, someone else or something else will control me, some authority, like THE GOVERNMENT. That fear too is bullshit. It is perpetuated by the thickly elaborated fallacy of free will, choice and deliberate control. There will be no government, by the current understanding of government, in a coherent/healthy noosphere.

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